Centre For Green
Building Material and Technology


The main difference in Volunteering and Internship is in the terms of engagement. Internship would generally be for Students from Institutions, etc. whereas anybody can be a volunteer.

Volunteer or Internship Opportunities:

Interns or Volunteers should be students in the fields of Mass Communication, Business Administration, Business Management, social science, sociology, Course development studies, Entrepreneurship Development, Education, etc.

We conduct workshops, training programmes, design competitions, processions, design bamboo products etc.; any activity that falls under the greendomain. Our research team works on creating innovative methods of using natural materials, while also learning from the many traditional techniques that have stood the test of time.

An additional hand is always welcome. Volunteering is a great way to learn as well as give back.

Stay tuned to our activities and write to us if interested.

Volunteering programmes can be as short as a day to a course of months depending on our requirement and on the experience a volunteer is looking for in our organization.

Volunteers benefit with thecertificates for their work, the experience of interacting with experts in the field of sustainability, opportunities to teach etc.