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Bridge Testing- Bridge At Yamuna Diversity Park 2006

Location: New Delhi Client: DDA

Development of Joinery & Joint Testing For 15m Bridge at Yamuna Diversity Park.

Length of the Bridge – 15.00m, Width - 1.20m, Total Height - 3.00m (from floor finish level), Starting height with respect to water level - 2.00m. Bridge centre level with respect to water level - 3.00m.

Roof was done with Bamboo mat corrugated sheet. Floor and Railing was done with 2”-2.5” solid and hollow bamboo and 1.5” - 2” Bamboo respectively. Bridge structure is based on ‘Arched Truss’with the end points bolted to 16mm. MS plate grouted to the end supports.  Wooden bracket at every 10’ to support 2” thick bamboo floor and the roof.

The bridge which was assembled in 20 days only was our first experience of constructing a bridge of such length.