Centre For Green
Building Material and Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Centre for Green Building Materials and technology (CGBMT) is an organization to promote a trust registered under section 12A of the Income-tax Act, 1961. Environment-friendly living through eco-education.

  • Sustainable design
  • Disaster management
  • Mass housing
  • R & D in low energy technologies.

CGBMT provides consultancy services and R & D for sustainable design, materials and process, construction techniques with building materials of Bamboo and Mud, rehabilitation during disaster management, course content-development for eco-education, etc.

A building which uses minimum energy for its materials, construction and running through its life.

To promote use of eco friendly materials and technology by producing technical workforce in the field. It is the platform for innovation in the area of Bamboo technology.

Bamboo application technology provides courses like PG Diploma, Diploma and Modular courses, and also short courses/workshops (Please refer: Courses/BAT..). BAT courses focus on Bamboo technology overview, its properties, Bamboo in Handicrafts, Building construction, Bamboo based Industries, Entrepreneurship development, Plantation etc.

We promote all natural and low energy materials like mud, waste, stone etc.

Bamboo is a resource-efficient material. Bamboo can replace high energy materials like steel, aluminium etc and also wood to a large extent, thereby reducing carbon emissions considerably. This can underline all the three areas of Sustainable Development- i.e. Economical, Social and Environmental.