Centre For Green
Building Material and Technology

SB11-World Sustainable Building Conference

Date: October 18, 2011 Organizer: VTT Technical Research Centre Of Finland And RIL (Finnish Association Of Civil Engineers)

Bamboo Houses- Nature’s way of solving Global Housing Problem

Ar. Neelam Manjunath, Managing trustee, CGBMT presented a paper at the World Sustainable Building Conference SB11 at Helsinki, Finland. The conference aimed to address new opportunities for improving quality of life, mitigating the  effects of climate change and making new business. The paper outlined the problems, strategies and methods to establish Bamboo houses for solving the Global Housing Problem through the following:

  1. Exploring the relationship between bamboo resources, world population density, urban slums and disaster prone areas of the world; the Bamboo civilizations and their housing types of the world’s bamboo rich areas with  particular reference to India.
  2. Discussing the New Avatar of the Bamboo House with latest technology interventions; and its ecological, economical and other advantages; socio-cultural acceptability of Bamboo houses; role of Bamboo housing in Disaster Management, the Bamboo Economy globally, the world market, etc.