Centre For Green
Building Material and Technology

10 Week Condensed Modular Course In Bamboo Application Technology

Date: September 28, 2013 Organizer: CGBMT, Bangalore

CGBMT conducted a workshop for bamboo artisans from Madhya Pradesh. It was a 60-day training program at Bangalore followed bt 15 days at Bhopal. Artisans, rangers, students and faculties of SPA, MANIT and IIFM were involved in the workshop, with delegation from Switzerland too. During the workshop, lectures were conducted about use of bamboo structures in calamity prone areas, effect of natural calamities on bamboo structures, resource and disaster management, basic treatment methods of bamboo, construction of interim shelters etc. The participants constructed an Artisan shed, a Bamboo Bridge and a woven tree house using bamboo strips as the primary material. They also learnt to make general bamboo products (handicrafts).