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Training The Trainer Workshop

Date: July 08, 2014 Organizer: CGBMT, Bangalore

CGBMT conducted its Mentor training Courses, participated by 5 Artisans and 2 Range officers from Madhya Pradesh. The training covered various topics that included  Species of bamboo and their properties, Selection, grading and  treatment for preservation of bamboo, Machinery used in bamboo technology, practical training on Bamboo joints used in Housing and Furniture and significance of bamboo in disaster prone areas. Visits to IPRITI, Grow More Biotech Pvt. Ltd, UK Agarbatti industry, IWST helped them understand Bamboo better. On site work with artisans at Sriram’s Residence and practice of Bamboo handicrafts and furniture further enhanced their practical skills. These trained persons are required to conduct BAT courses in various locations in India.