Centre For Green
Building Material and Technology

Workshop On Bamboo Construction, FlexiSanShell© 2015-16

Date: May 12, 2015 Organizer: CGBMT, Bangalore

In view of the devastating Nepal Earthquake and PM Modi’s Swach Bharat Abhiyan, CGBMT has tried to fulfill its social responsibility by designing and building pre- fabricated toilets. As a result, FlexiSanShell ©- a prefabricated- collapsible  interim and permanent sanitation shelter was made during the Contact Lecture Week, 2015-16.  Its Applications include Quick deployment in disaster affected areas, Temporary setup for events, Use in rural areas. The uniqueness of these prefabricated toilets lies in their ability to completely collapse on themselves. FlexiSanShell comes in two types that can be suited to various site conditions.

These units can be manufactured and stored with authorities, thus being ready for emergency use during disasters. On site, they can be deployed with great speed in few simple steps. Unskilled labour can build upto 50 toilets each day. The product comes in a kit with an assembly manual.