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Sustainable Architecture And Bamboo Workshop For MIT Students Jungle Gym Bangalore

Date: August 05, 2013 Organizer: CGBMT, Bangalore

CGBMT conducted "Sustainable Architecture and Bamboo" workshop for students of Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka for 5 days.

A Children’s Jungle Gym was constructed, using Bamboo as the primary material. The aim was to demonstrate how Bamboo can replace the energy intensive steel pipes that are conventionally used, while also enhancing the aesthetics. The students were divided into 8 groups and particular components of the structure were allotted to each group. The basic treatment methods like Boric-Borax treatment, treatment with Creosote oil, Buffing & Sanding were taught before beginning the construction.

Each group worked on assigned portions of the structures. The bamboo poles were applied with primer and painted in vibrant colors. Bamboo-crete was used to make the slide while rubber tyres were recycled and painted for use as swings.  Seats were made by weaving cotton rope in the tyres.