Centre For Green
Building Material and Technology

Architecture Sustainability & Bamboo

Date: January 24, 2014 Organizer: FEED(Forum For Exchange And Excellence In Design), Pune

Ar. Neelam Manjunath, Managing trustee, CGBMT presented a talk at the FEED Lecture Series 2013-14 which was conducted at Vishwa Bhavan, Symbiosis Society, Pune.

The abstract is as follows: “Architecture always had Sustainability ingrained in its intent. But this has been completely done away with it in recent times. But Development and Environment are inextricably linked and should address issues of social justice, ecological prudence and economic efficiency. Rapid increase in greenhouse gases, land degradation, increasing floods, droughts, deforestation, loss of biodiversity and productivity resulting from rapid development are leading to ecological crisis. The poor ultimately bear the brunt of these adversities, affecting their livelihood, increasing poverty, pollution and unsustainable development. Hence, scientific management and augmentation of natural resources have to be given highest priority. Bamboo has enormous potential for solving both environmental and social problems facing the world today. Its qualities of rapid growth, strength, lightness and flexibility make it a viable alternative to tropical timbers and steel.”