Centre For Green
Building Material and Technology


Our Mission:

To promote a sustainable way of living---living in harmony with nature. Our organization aims to promote and provide “Green-i.e., environment friendly, low-energy and cost effective solutions for ecological living”, through R&D, sourcing, networking and execution.

Our objectives:

  • To serve for the advancement of education in Eco-friendly and cost effective Building Materials and Technologies.
  • To act as a resource bank of information on Green Building Materials and Technologies by providing technical advice, expert guidance and know-how.
  • To promote and source Research and Development activities pertaining tothis field.
  • To organize Trainingprogrammes for various levels of participation and also act as a forum for seminars, exhibitions, workshops, orientation & awareness programmes, demonstrations etc. to help realize the relevance and importance of these materials and technologies in shaping today’s world.
  • To reach out and spread this knowledge by preparing and publishing informative literature through newspapers, periodicals and other medium of mass communication.
  • To establish and maintain a network of similar societies, agencies, NGO’s etc. in India and abroad for knowledge sharing on the subject.
  • To help identify and procure raw materials for production of Green Building Materials.
  • To help in execution of projects involving Green Building Materials and Technologies.
  • To promote green products for day to day use, for a sustainable way of life.